Manoj Paprikar

Manoj Paprikar, is a doctor by profession and writer by heart. As an author, he takes a special interest in science-fiction and medical drama. This is Manoj’s fourth book. He has published a collection of short stories – The Last Earth Ship and other stories.

He has also published two works of non-fiction - Panache - A collection of Paintings by Mukund Paprikar and A Guide To Your Pregnancy.

Being a practicing gynecologist, he has an insight into the medical world – a first-hand account of the challenges faced by the doctors and their patients. He is a regular contributor to online publications and loves to blog. When not writing, he likes to pick up his lens and go trekking. Or else you can find him strumming his guitar. He is currently based in Nashik.

Author's books

Death at Midnight

295.00 275.00

Dr. Saksham and Dr. Gita have a flourishing practice in Dindori on the outskirts of Nashik, now famous for its grapes. Their life is thrown in turmoil when Narayan and Rama land up in Vishwas Nursing Home for a complicated delivery. What unfolds at midnight and thereafter, is a nightmare for all of them!

Violence is unleashed by Narayan’s friends at the hospital when things take an unexpected turn. The aftermath leaves behind a streak of destruction, litigation, and introspection. This poignant, subtle, and sharp story takes you on a journey through the prelude to the aftermath of death and violence.