Shivani Salil

Dr. ShivaniSalil, MD, calls herself a voracious reader, in love with words - both written and spoken. She used to work at KEM Hospital, Mumbai, until recently when a geographical move pushed her into a sabbatical.

As a child, she harboured two dreams: one, to become a doctor and the other, to pursue literature so that she could become a writer.

Having loved and lived her first dream, this book is a step forward towards the second.

Though she's trodden many cities, Mumbai feels like home for her. She currently resides in Hong Kong with her husband and daughter.

Hiraeth Hireath

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What would you do if you were told you had minutes to leave your home? What would you take, what would you be thinking…?

This thought dominated the minds of millions who moved across the newly created borders in 1947. The place they called home was not a geographical zone but an emotion. Most just locked their doors and left as if they were going on a vacation. They ended up as refugees in a foreign land with a yearning for a home they could never return to. That yearning is what Hiraeth stands for.