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Room8 is one of the rooms at ArtoonsInn being built with dedication and passion by watchers, builders, and artoons alike who are devoted to the art of writing.
From Micro-fiction to short stories, room8 not only helps you with instant feedback for your work but also helps you grow, nurture, and develop your skills as a writer.
This might be your first step into becoming an amazing writer. Come, join us. Take part in the regular writing events and vocabulary boosts, and many more that keep you hooked to the Inn.


Author's books

Hawk’s Flight

310.00 199.00

The Hawk has taken flight from its Nest. Hawk’s Flight, the second one in the ‘Hawks of ArtoonsInn’ series, is a book of stories of courthouses and conscience, of attorneys and anguish, stories to tickle your funny bone and stories to pull at your heartstrings. ArtoonsInn proudly presents to you, yet another compilation of some of the best stories from events held in ArtoonsInn Writers Room in 2019.

Written by the Artoons
1. Jayashree Pillai 2. Sanchari Banerjee 3. Sarveswari Sai Krishna 4. Pallavi Sawant Uttekar 5. Itali Madhusmita 6. Arva Bhavnagarwala 7. Sonal Singh 8. Shweta Singh 9. Ranjit Narayanan 10. Ratnakar Baggi 11. Tanima Das Mitra 12. Sai Surve-Rane 13. Aoishi Chakrabarti 14. Srivalli Rekha 15. Seema Taneja

Hawk’s Nest

310.00 165.00

Hawk’s Nest is a compilation of stories of all genres written by a coven of brilliant writers at ArtoonsInn that will make you gasp, forget to breathe or even induce tears to trail down unconsciously.

This collection of short stories are intended to leave a lasting impression on the reader. Of the heart-warming stories penned in this collection, there’s bound to be at least one character who will leave an everlasting impact on you – whether it be a satirical cow, a wheezing old army veteran, a con-artist, a widow, a security guard or even a queen from the pages of history.