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What would you do if you were told you had minutes to leave your home? What would you take, what would you be thinking…?

This thought dominated the minds of millions who moved across the newly created borders in 1947. The place they called home was not a geographical zone but an emotion. Most just locked their doors and left as if they were going on a vacation. They ended up as refugees in a foreign land with a yearning for a home they could never return to. That yearning is what Hiraeth stands for.

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5 reviews for Hiraeth

  1. Shishti

    The best.

  2. Shristee Singh

    Title: Hiraeth, partition stories from 1947

    Author: Dr. Shivani Salil

    Published by: Artoonsinn Room9 Publications
    Genre: Fiction

    When a doctor turns into a writer what do you expect?
    Yes, she touches not only your heart but stirs your soul.

    When I picked Hiraeth, I found its title and cover picture very intriguing. Hiraeth, which means longing for one’s homeland is a perfect title for a book that narrates the longing to be at home. The cover picture has lightning piercing through a tree splitting it into two while its root remains intact, depicting the India , Pakistan partition so well.

    I will begin with the preface which comes straight from the author’s heart. Being called a ‘refugee’s child’ when you are actually a citizen of a country is heartbreaking. Shivani tells us how even when the partition took everything away, they managed to keep their culture and traditions alive. How compassionate they were in spite of all their loss and sufferings.

    Hiraeth by Dr. Shivani Salil is a book that narrates stories inspired by the bitter truth of partition. An anthology of 24 stories takes you through its unassuming language to the bygone era effortlessly.

    I like the way the author has looked into small details like the index page, the glossary with numbers etc. The names of the chapters ( in alphabetical order) are kept so beautifully by the author that it leaves a ‘chinh’ in your heart. Shivani has not left an iota of effort to look into the fine details and make the book so beautiful.

    The language of the book is simple. It is infused with the local dialect which adds grace to the flow of the story and also renders a feel of the era. The river of emotions flows in all the 24 stories. I cannot say that I liked this or that particular story more, as all stories have their own tales of emotions, trauma and catharsis.

    The author has done a wonderful job of compiling stories from a true event. It is a must-read for the present generation to know what people have gone through for the country. Shivani has taken pains to describe each and every detail so well that it literally makes us travel through the alley of the country in 1947. We need more such writes to keep the memories of the struggle of our country and its people alive. The author has done a brilliant job in keeping the memories of the independence struggle alive.

    The stories talking about homecoming tugs the heartstrings at one hand and brings tears on the other. I was so moved reading the book that I literally said a prayer for each and every character mentioned. After reading the hard-hitting stories all I wish and pray is that this history should never repeat and a person coming home should never be called a refugee.

    Shristee Singh

  3. lbgwvaniyb

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  4. dhcjevcmde

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  5. kevuvrxsif

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